First Friday Freebie

Maybe I’m wacky, but I love to change out my iPad and iPhone wallpaper on a regular basis. I change it based on the season, my mood or when I need a new mantra or mindset. Because I change it every few weeks, each time I turn on my phone I get a happy little surprise. Hey, I never said I was a complex person. When I get used to it, I switch it. Free phone or tablet wallpaper won’t change the world, but it may make you crack a smile. It’s the little things, people!

It’s definitely fall in Portland, Oregon. In a predictably Pavlovian way, the gray skies and rain signal the need for massive increases in coffee consumption. Coffee is my buffer from the outside elements and it creates a cozy cocoon of industry for me. Am I addicted? You know it. My first digital wallpaper freebie is an homage to my favorite beverage. Enjoy!

smartphone wallpapercoffee-freebie-iphone

ipad wallpaper  coffee-freebie-ipad