Ideal Customer


I’ve got my destination inspiration of the Greek Isles and I’m going to incorporate some citron green into my patterns. The destination inspiration provides a loose framework that will guide my process. There will be a strong influence from the sea and beach landscapes, organic shapes and an overall mellow and relaxed vibe. Okay, great. But who am I designing for? Who is going to put these patterns in their house? Picking an ideal customer is immensely helpful for the editing process in design. My ideal customer is the third anchor that I will keep coming back to as my patterns develop to keep my collection on track.

My time in the Textile Design Lab taught me what to look for in an ideal customer. Where does she live? Where does she shop? What is her style?What items would she buy with your patterns on them? I get to pretend I’m an author. I like that, because I don’t have the talent to actually be an author.

My ideal customer for this collection is Samantha. She is 3o something and lives in Santa Cruz, California. She loves the ocean and runs along the coast every morning with her mutt, Buster. She is adventurous and her home reflects her travels. Her style is eclectic but modern and she is not afraid of a little color. She likes to shop at Anthropologie, Etsy, West Elm and She is looking to redecorate her bedroom and turn it into a relaxing coastal sanctuary. Now, what would Samantha buy?

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