Oh to be eating garlicky mussels in a trattoria overlooking the Adriatic sea, sipping spiced coffee at a Moroccan souk, or enjoying a fragrant green curry on the beach in Koh Samui! I love travel (and food, clearly). However with a husband who works crazy hours, two kids in elementary school and a Labradoodle- languid epicurean vacations to exotic locales are on hold. Now, I get my travel fix researching destinations to use as inspiration for pattern design. I do my best to bring the essence and vibrancy of a locale to textiles or paper goods for a little pop of the exotic, modern and bold in our everyday lives.

Where am I going next? Come with me to the Greek Isles!


Land of azure seas, cobblestone streets and white washed buildings dotted with bursts of bougainvillea. Inspiration runs wild through these Aegean gems and I can’t wait to comb the beaches, alleyways, terraces and natural wonders for it in this Destination Inspiration!

Photo courtesy of: https://www.flickr.com/photos/travelwithkat/

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